How to Play Lottery
Wateenswap's Lottery is not only a good way to make stacks of WTN, it's also loads of fun! This guide will walk you through getting involved in the Lottery.
The Lottery has changed a little since its first iteration. Lottery lets you win more often, have some control over your tickets, and has more potential for huge WTN jackpots to get your mouth watering. Learn more about Wateenswap Lottery here.

Deciding if you'd like to enter a round

‌Not all Lottery rounds are equal. When a lottery jackpot isn't won, the next round's prize pool will increase; the longer it's been since someone has won the jackpot, the larger the Lottery prize pool will be.
‌The longer a round is open, the more people can buy a ticket. Each ticket sold increases the prize pool further. Here's how to check the current round's prize pool and remaining time.
‌1. Visit the Wateenswap Lottery page and look at the top of the page. You'll see the current round's prize pool shown in (estimated) US dollar value.
This is the amount to be shared between all winners.
‌2. A little lower down the page you'll find the remaining time before the current round is drawn.
Remember, a lot can change in the remaining time. Many more tickets may be sold. Each sold ticket both increases the prize pool, and lowers the odds of an individual ticket winning.
‌If you're unsure, you can always wait until later into the round to decide with more information. Just don't wait too long and miss out!

Buying Lottery tickets

‌Buying tickets is easy.
You just need a little WTN though: each ticket costs 1WTN (the exact WTN price is set at the start of the round).
You can choose to either randomize your lottery ticket numbers, or to choose your ticket numbers manually. Choose between the randomized numbers and manual numbers tabs below for a guide to each method.

Viewing your tickets after buying

You can view your tickets after buying them before the round's numbers are drawn.
1. Click View Your Tickets in the "Next Draw" area of the Lottery page.
2. A window will open showing all of your tickets and their numbers. It'll also give you the option to buy more tickets if you'd like.

When the round ends and winning numbers are drawn

‌When the round has ended and the winning numbers are available, you can check your tickets to see if you won.

‌View your winning tickets

‌You can view your winning tickets in the same way you viewed your tickets after buying them.
‌1. Click View Your Tickets in the "Finished Rounds" area of the Lottery page.
2. A window will open showing the winning numbers and all of your tickets and their numbers.\
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